Inspire Safety

INSPIRE SAFETY. Campaign Against Accident.
Really, quite everyone will agree that accident should not happen. Unfortunately, we still have more happening in Nigeria, and the rate is becoming more alarming. You may know of many cases around, from fire to auto-crash, boat mishaps, building collapse, drowning, just to mention a few in general.
Because we don’t want more accidents to happen, we must take collective efforts at reducing the rates.
For Marana Global, one of the ways we are employing is through INSPIRE SAFETY, a collaborative approach with you to campaign against accidents.
Through this, people can share their experiences to enlighten others and make them become more safety conscious. Thus, building a safer society together.
Inspire Safety will enable you to SHARE YOUR STORIES and READ STORIES FROM OTHERS, too. As well, you can also volunteer to help investigate accidents so that the root causes can be understood and shared to prevent recurrence.
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