Are your certificates recognized?

Yes, all our certificates are recognized in the industry. As far as HSE professional services are concerned in Nigeria, our certificates are the highest recognized. It is specially required by the Nigerian local content.

How long is the training?

It depends on the course you selected.

How can I register?

After you have paid for the training, you will need to fill the registration form with a passport and submit. That is all you need.

What do I need for registration?

Anyone doing General HSE will need to show evidence that they are graduates. Either a copy of degree certificate of NYSC discharge certificate is acceptable.

How much is the training?

It depends on the course you selected.

After the HSE training, which certificate will I get?

You will get a certificate for the particular course you registered for. For instance, if you registered for HSE Level 3, you will get certificate for it after the training.

I want to do HSE 1, 2 and 3. How do I start?

If you are a graduate, you don’t need HSE 1 and 2. Just do General HSE so that you can do HSE 3.

Where will the training hold?

We have our standard training facilities at Marana Global. Please contact us for specific locations.

What is the difference between your programs and other companies?

It depends on what you want. What we know is that most of those certificates out there have serious limitations in Nigeria. We have many people who come back for our training and certifications after doing training in other places. That means double expense. We advise you do the right thing once.

When is your next training?

Please contact us for training schedules.

Is there requirement to register for the training?

According to ISPON standards, there are some requirements. You must be a graduate before you can do HSE Level 3 (Supervision) training.

Which courses can I start with?

If you are a graduate, you will start with General HSE training. That is the entry level for graduates. Those who are not graduates will do HSE 1 and HSE 2.

Can I do HSE Level 3 directly?

No. You need to do General HSE first.

I have NEBOSH certificate, can I do HSE Level 3 directly?

Unfortunately, you will need to do General HSE first because of the local content requirements. ISPON recognizes NEBOSH but it cannot form the entry level for HSE Level 3 certification.

I have General HSE or HSE 1 and 2 from another company. Can I come and do HSE Level 3?

No, you cannot. You will not be admitted into ISPON courses with any other certificates not issued by ISPON. Please contact us for advice.

How long will it take to get my certificate after the training?

Normally, within 2(two) weeks.

Where will the certificate come from?

All our HSE courses come from the Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria (ISPON). So, you will get ISPON certificate when you attend our HSE training.

Are you ISPON?

No, we are Marana Global Services Ltd. We are training provider for all ISPON programs in Nigeria.

Is your first aid certificate recognized?

Yes, our first aid certificates are from the Red Cross Society or ISPON, depending on your choice.

Will the HSE certificate carry ISPON logo or MARANA logo?

The certificate is prepared directly by ISPON and it carries ISPON logo.

Where is your office?

Please, see the contact us link or call 08110141960.

Who will deliver the training?

Marana Global delivers all ISPON HSE courses across Nigeria.

Do you supply PPEs?

Yes, we supply PPEs. We have international partners for many of our services.

Can I pay part payment to start the training?

We only allow part payment from organizations or members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

Do I need to attend all the classes during the training?

It depends. Normally, attendance in the classes is compulsory. However, if you are an experienced HSE practitioner, such as HSE Supervisor, or someone with other international certificates like NEBOSH, we can plan the class to fit your schedule.

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