General Overview

All our courses are designed to provide corresponding technical knowledge and safety competence needed at workplace. The courses are carefully designed to meet various needs and they are all delivered by our professionals using best international training standards.

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Our New Course Curriculum

All our programmes are now structured into Course Units. Participants can now decide to attend training at their own pace, by completing course units and accumulating points until the total points for certification is completed.

Assessment will be done after each course unit. For more information, you can contact us.

Assessment and Certification

On successful completion of any of our training, the participant will get a certificate for the course completed.

From November 15, 2018, participants will now take their assessments immediately after each course unit completed. Assessment will be by class activities, practical and written examination. Participants must be able to communicate in spoken and written English. Please note that any participant who fails to pass the assessment during the training will have opportunity to take the assessment once again to ascertain competence. Assessment is mandatory for all participants.

Prerequisite and Eligibility

Some of our courses have requirements for registration as stipulated by ISPON. The General HSE is designed for graduates only and serves as basic prerequisite to other HSE courses. Those who are not graduates can only register for HSE 1 and HSE 2 courses. Intending participants for General HSE training will be required to provide proof of eligibility, such as copy of degree certificate or NYSC discharge certificate.

HSE Supervision (Level 3) also requires General HSE for registration.

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